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You should have a VOTE!

The Tory Leadership contest is well underway. My personal favourite is Liz Truss. I am basing my support solely on her Defence spending plans. I think the Armed Forces could and should be better equipped and always able to act independently without allied support.


I've spent the last couple of weeks explaining to people how our system works, and why it's only the Tory membership that get a vote in this leadership contest. Which will subsequently elect our next Prime Minister.

I'm all in favour of our parliamentary democracy. However, I'm also in favour of evolution and reforms.

For instance, do we, the people, give MP's the right to oust a Prime Minster who won an 80 seat majority. Or did they have no right?

Now, I think this can go one of two ways... Well at least in my head. When the nation finds itself in the position that we are.

  1. Should it be mandatory for the successor candidate, to hold an immediate General Election?

  2. Or, put the two final candidates to the nation?

Reform and the evolution of a political system should have debate, discourse and conclusion. My preferred choice would be number 2. However, I would be happy with number 1 (even though it would be a lot more hassle. But, it might make MP's think twice before they wield the knife).

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