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  • Mitch William

You Can't Gain Equality With Racism

You can't strive for a more equal society when you're only tool is racism. Having race exclusive anything, is racist and counter productive.

Channel 4's 'Black to Front' ... 24 hours of Black only TV. To showcase black talent. Having read into this a little, it would appear the backers of this project feel that black faces are some how under represented on British TV screens.

The UK is roughly 87.2% white. Every time I watch the news or a TV show, there is always wide ranging diversity across the board.

So what is the point in 'Black to Front'?

The UK is a welcoming diverse nation and the vast majority of people do not obsess on race. However, it would appear that some people in the media would like to manufacture some sort of divide.

The thing that baffles me most on this topic. Is no one seems to want to showcase Indians, Pakistanis or South East Asians, it's always Black people that are getting all the attention. I really don't get it!

I have an idea. Lets stop obsessing on race! Let's stop highlighting differences and manufacturing grievances. Switch off Channel 4... We're one UK!

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