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  • Mitch William

Write your family a letter explaining you've converted to Islam! Homework for 12 year old's!

The National Curriculum is failing, if this is the agenda!

Why was a 12 year old girl, asked to write a mock letter to her family explaining her reasons for converting to Islam?

This method of Education is ludicrously equal to Scotland's School's asking Primary One children, what sex they identify as!

Are people (the left) forgetting that the UK was built on Christian culture?

Forcing 12 year old's to write letters such as, conversion to Islam, for homework is unacceptable, they're children and their very impressionable.

It's nothing against Muslims. But, Islam is a foreign concept.

School's should champion Christian culture and its achievements. They should still teach other religions. But, shouldn't confuse children in a way that may lead to them being indoctrinated.

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