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  • Mitch William

Would you trust an Automated Bus Service?

The Automated world is creeping up on us. Is it necessary, are you looking forward to it, or are you nervous about it?

Stagecoach have unveiled plans for a Fife to Edinburgh Automated Bus Service, which is likely to start operations in 2022. The service will run a 14 mile route from Fife's Ferry Toll Park and Ride to Edinburgh Park.

Stagecoach have received more concern than praise over their plans. People probably do not see the point and are concerned for their safety aboard a Bus Service that will cross the Forth Road Bridge.

Stagecoach said:

"The trial will see two members of staff on board; a safety steward monitoring the autonomous system and a bus ‘Captain’.
"The Captain will help build customer confidence and trust by being there to offer assistance and explain how to use the service."

I think a lot of people may shy away from this service, which then could force the creeping world of automation to a shuddering halt.

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