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World War Syria

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Syria's Assad gained the advantage in the war against ISIS and numerous other militias with the help of a timely Russian intervention followed by Iran and Hezbollah.

With victory in sight and for no apparent logical or tactical reasoning, Assad allegedly used chemical weapons on his own people.

We all thought Syria destroyed their Chemical weapons after numerous threats from NATO in 2013.

Resulting with international agreements via the UN and a decommission deadline of 30th June, 2014!

Now, the West is accusing the Syrian Government of perpetrating a Chemical Weapons Attack, which would only impede the Syrian war effort and their impending victory if it were to provoke an unwanted western attack.

What would be the point?

Now things are getting a little sketchy and more intense, you can't fight fire with fire without creating an inferno!

Donald Trump has issued a warning to Russia, stating "Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria"

The Russian response... "We will shoot down any and all missiles"

Now, we have a problem...

NATO fire power coming into direct conflict with Russian fire power, albeit in proxy (Syria), is a huge uncalled for escalation!

The situation could spiral out of control very quickly and become a lot bigger than it has to be, unless it was kept in proxy (Syria), but is that fair?

"Common sense" must prevail, the entire scenario is mired in hypocrisy, remember Iraq and Libya, perhaps maintaining Assad's position is better than the alternative?

This is not the time for rash decisions!

This is the time for calm collected leadership, one wrong move, one action too far and the whole world could erupt!

NATO and Russia must discuss accord in order to stabilise the situation in Syria, not fight each other and cause more suffering!

Lets hope and pray, no NATO fire power enters Syria in the early hours, if it does, head for hills!

Mitch William...


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