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  • Mitch William

World War 3?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Relations with China have hit rock bottom!

Covid-19, Hong Kong, the expulsion of Huawei, the accusations of genocide, tensions with India and NATO... Is the west about to push China onto a war footing?

The Covid situation and the perceived malicious handling by the CCP has caused the world to lose trust in the Chinese market and nations are now expelling Chinese companies and are preparing alternative supply chains.

China appears to be betraying the 1 country 2 systems agreement put in place in 1997, which has led to the UK offering up to 3 million Hong Kong residents a path to British citizenship.

Due to US pressure/leadership Huawei is being phased out of western nations with only a few western nations still allowing the tech firm to operate freely.

Now China stands accused of cultural genocide, of the Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region. Chilling scenes reminiscent of world war 2 are being leaked out in to the world.

Border clashes with India, and the US inviting India to take part in Naval exercises, as the UK prepares to send an Aircraft Carrier to the pacific.

Are we in danger of pushing China in to a corner with explosive consequences?

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