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  • Mitch William

Will the French create an EU Superpower?

Macron seek's to use the French Presidency of the European Union to create a French Led European Defence Force. It makes sense, the idea of an EU Army has been floating around for as long as I can remember.

The UK's departure from the EU is a double edged sword in reference to EU defence. On one hand the EU lost huge capability, and on the other hand the EU lost it's most powerful opponent to an EU Defence Force.

Is now the time to forge ahead with the idea of EU Strategic Autonomy? I would say yes. I am a Brexiteer. However, a strong EU is good for a strong UK.

The problem for France is, she will be asking smaller nations to switch immediate subordinations. Therefor, instead of being immediately subordinate to the US and NATO. France will need to persuade EU member states, that it would be better and in their interest to be subordinate to a French Led EU Force, that would inevitably take the helm at NATO and speak for them on the International stage.

In essence, the French want the EU to be an independent global strategic player, standing shoulder to shoulder with the USA and China. France is the most powerful military in the EU. So, it makes sense that any EU Force is French Led.

They can waste time trying to get every EU member state onboard. Or they can opt for a two-tier system. A wider European Union with a newly formed United States of Europe. That approach would enable nations happy with the status quo to remain and nations who want more, to forge ahead.

We can only wait and see. Will the EU grow some teeth, or forever be feeble?

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