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  • Mitch William

Will Britain Crawl Back?

It's been a long time since the EU referendum. Eventually, after a vagarious few years the UK will depart the European Union on January the 31st.

However, Guy Verhofstadt told BBC Radio 4 that "There will be a generation, the young generation coming in the coming decades, who will say later, 'We want to go back'.

"It will happen. Maybe you will not see it in my life, but it will happen."

Is he right? Will the UK, eventually crawl back to the European Union and beg for re-entry?

I think it's possible. But, unlikely. If the UK had the wrong Government, gripped with a defeatist mentality. Then of course, the UK would inevitably end up knocking on Europe's door once again.

That said, the UK has a Forward Thinking, Global Powerhouse Government with Attitude!

This Government, is eager to make BREXIT work and will put Great Britain back on the globe. If the UK becomes a Global Powerhouse and manages to enhance it's standing in the world, we won't be crawling back anytime soon.

This can be done. Because, the UK is already a powerhouse and we're connected to most of the world via the Commonwealth of Nations. The perfect place to begin building stronger bonds and alliances.

The UK can achieve Free Trade with the USA, China, The Commonwealth of Nations and form even closer bonds with the Realms and CANZUK. All is conceivably and within reach if it is managed properly.

One thing in the UK's favour at present, is that we have a Prime Minister, who actually believes in putting the Great Back Into Britain!

Sorry Mr Verhofstadt. But, if all goes well, we won't be back!

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