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Why is Nandy the Shadow Foreign Secretary?

The Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary is clearly naive or just plain stupid. As you've probably heard, she's backing a report endorsing the transformation of the British Armed Forces to a 'Gender-balanced human security corps'.

What does that even mean?

We need an armed forces that can fight and win. Not one that reflects snowflake wokery.

She also supports the idea that the United Kingdom is no longer a Great Power. I hate to disappoint her defeatist narrative, but the United Kingdom is still a Great Power. Post World War 2, the Superpowers leap frogged the Great Powers.

A Great Power can project it's armed forces globally in the same way that a superpower can, the difference is, a superpower is much larger, like the USA or China, those 2 nations are the only true current superpowers.

Lisa Nandy, is actually plain stupid, if she thinks a nation with a blue water Navy and two aircraft carriers is less than a great power, shes got issues!

Would you trust her with our Foreign Policy?

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