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  • Mitch William

Why do we need the Royals?

Imagine a world where you need to bow to a certain class, imagine being told how to and how not to address this class. Imagine you were a subject and was forever deemed the lower class irrespective of your success.

Well, you don't need to imagine. Because in the UK, we are all the Queens subjects!

I hate the pomp and arrogance of the Royal Family. But, I also understand their role as a diplomatic trump card. Everyone loves the Queen, if in doubt, role the Queen out, and she'll smooth over diplomatic tensions.

If the UK were to lose the Royal Family, the Commonwealth of Nations would likely crumble alongside the remaining realms. The UK's global standing would plummet as its diplomatic weapon would be gone.

The Monarchy is far more important than being a member of The European Union or even, dare I say it, NATO.

BREXIT, shall soon be upon us. If the UK wishes to harness existing alliance's through the Commonwealth, it should begin by sending Royals to work with Governor Generals throughout the Commonwealth Realms.

This would bring those countries closer to the UK and could spark the beginnings of a Realm Free Trade Area, with the possibility of growing in to a greater alliance.

The building blocks for the UK to be apart of a superpower alliance are there. These blocks must find the cement and turn personal union into an alliance.

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