• Mitch William

Who's Working Christmas? It's Not the MP's!

Are you abroad fighting for Queen and Country? Are you a Nurse, working long hours in the NHS or are you a member of the Emergency Services?

All of the above are working Christmas!

Sorry, should I say Brexmas, Merry Brexmas!

MP's are not sacrificing their Christmas holiday! Even though the nation is facing the biggest event since the 2nd world war. #BREXIT

They are lazy, self serving creatures!

They even seem to be a tad touchy with the prospect of giving up their February break in the name of BREXIT! Why do they even need a February break? #Pathetic

2003, the Iraq War, Operation TELIC. OP TELIC = Tell Everyone Leave Is Cancelled!

Parliament should have its OP TELIC for BREXIT!

This is a fundamental crossroad in British History. It will shape the UK for generations to come. Parliament should be working 24/7 to make a success of these negotiation's!

It's an outrage that Troops sent by parliament will be active abroad and public service's can't just stop over Christmas. But, Parliament can just swan off for a Holiday at the single most important time in recent history!

Parliament is a disgrace, the system is an outrage!

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