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  • Mitch William

Who Poisoned SKRIPAL?

Skripal has woken up...

Who poisoned him?

Mi6? or FSB?

It is most likely the Russian FSB had a pop at old Skripal, with recent elections, Putin could stand strong in the face of perceived Western aggression and accuse NATO of provocations whilst neatly scooping up over 70% of the Russian vote!


Did the British Security Services decide he was surplus to requirements?

With an impending BREXIT and an eagerness to stand tall once again among global leaders?

Could the UK have perpetrated this in order to unite NATO and the West against Russia, demonstrating UK ability to lead upon BREXIT?

Questions, questions...

Will we ever know?

The sooner these children #WorldLeaders stop these acts of posturing, the better!

Mitch William...


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