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  • Mitch William

White Privilege?

The Daily Debate recently polled 5.5k people with the question:

Does WHITE PRIVILEGE exist in the UK?

46% voted YES and 54% voted NO... That could be deemed a decisive lead for NO.

However, it was very close and highlights a divide well across the board! Do we actually understand what people mean when they use the term "White Privilege" ?

Essentially, as far as I understand it, "white privilege" at its lowest meaning, refers to how white people are never discriminated against because of their race.
On the higher end of the scale, it means white people are favoured in every way possible and it's a way of keeping minorities down.

Personally, I think the majority of British people, don't even consider race on a day to day basis. However, that said, not one nation is perfect and the world has it's fair share of bad apples.

In my experience... Immigrants can form a racist element within our society. The race card is always used to mask their thoughts and actions, whilst attempting to guilt white people into submission.

It's about time we all accepted and understood that racism goes all ways, it's not a white disease, it's a global disease. And the UK has lead the charge against it!

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