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  • Mitch William

White Privilege?

Doe's white privilege exist, is Britain a racist nation?

I would say, NO!

Where is my white privilege, I must of missed the privilege bus when I over slept as a baby!

Some people in this country, usually ethnic minority activists, want to shine a spotlight on our history in the hope that they can find a reflection on modern day Britain, whilst constantly questioning our culture and traditions.

The history of the British Empire, had it's up's and down's, to put it mildly, as do all great powers. However, I think that history has helped us grow in to the nation we are today.

Modern Day Britain, is as free and fair as a nation comes!

Credit: Sky News - The Pledge (Old Clip. But Relevant)

I personally think that some ethnic minority activists, won't be happy until the UK is 51% black and 49% white.

Now, doe's it make me racist to say "I hope that doesn't happen"?

It's ok for ethnic minority activists to use phrases like "Your a white male" and then continue to belittle the person in question, because of their race.

Now, who's the racist?

Racism works all ways, its a 360 degree scenario. It's not just white people that are capable of racism, it is all race's. That said, the UK is one of the most open nations in the world, to call it racist, isn't just a misrepresentation, its a blatant lie!

People like Afua Hirsch, appear to take any scenario and translate it in to racism:

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