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  • Mitch William

White Britons 'will be minority' before 2070, says Oxford Professor

I love travelling and experiencing foreign cultures, I love Asia and I love Africa, the reason I love them, is because they're so different and it makes life exciting.

However, I'd oppose any culture that threatens my own norms and values in the nation that I call home.

Current demographic projections predict the Muslim population of the United Kingdom will soar to 13 million, 17.2% of the UK population by 2050. And overall, by 2070 White people could be the ethnic minority of the British Isles.

Is that a scary thought, or an enlightened evolution?

How can ones history, heritage and culture be preserved, if it's over run. As we've seen with recent events involving Black Lives Matter, they essentially disrespected British values at every level, tearing down statues and desecrating war memorials.

Nations are like tribes, if they're not untied on common causes, they'll falter, fragment and fall. Moderate diversity can be a good thing. But, a complete take over will certainly cause friction and lead to tensions, which may well spiral out of control.

Perhaps, laws such as the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill are being constructed in order to criminalise your opposition?

The Question is, what have successive British Government's being doing over the past 50 years, and what will the UK look like in the next 50 as a result?

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