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  • Mitch William

When Refugee's Attack!

Salih Khater terror suspect, tried to plough a car through parliament, but failed miserably!

We are lucky in the sense that all UK terror offenders are amateur and the security services are top notch specialists!

Refugee's welcome?

Certainly NOT!

This attack is a direct result of the importation of people from violent cultures who aren't quite up to speed with European values! Yesterday, was the perfect example of that!

We must start to put the safety of UK citizens above the rights of refugee's!

Many organisations apply collective punishment!

The collective punishment for this attack should be a ban on refugee's from Darfur!

The United Nations actually state, that a refugee is obliged to seek refuge in the first safe country they enter. However, once they've traveled through numerous safe countries they then become economic migrants! Therefor, are we actually obliged to take any?

They see the UK as an easy target!

But once they're here, some decide to bite the hand that fed them. Not all refugee's turn against us. However, the only way to ensure a refugee doesn't turn against us in the future is to ban them on a country by country basis!

The EU and UK should be blockading the economic migrant boats, we're full, thanks!

Mitch William...


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