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  • Mitch William

What have the SNP done for you?

The glorious SNP are indeed a terrible political party. The prospect of Scotland becoming an independent nation under nationalist rule is terrifying!

Minimum alcohol pricing sounds good in theory. It's not hurting the majority and it's meant to sting the jakey. But, if you sting the alcoholic jakey in the pocket! They'll still find a way to raise funds for that can of Super Tennants!

Even if it means robbing someones GRANNY?

So, in theory... Minimum alcohol pricing will back fire!!!

Raised income tax?

Scottish people are now paying more income tax than their British counterparts. The new “intermediate rate” of 21p will apply to people earning £24,000 and above.

At least the SNP saw sense and didn’t just hammer the rich! Instead, they decided to totally hammer anyone and everyone earning over £24,000 a year!

And then there is the "Named Person Act"

They want to appoint a “Named Person” for every child and parent throughout Scotland!

Apparently, most parents can't be trusted?

Who can you trust?

Can you trust an appointed outsider poking into your family business? With access to your child's information via your GP without prior consent? Who's to say the outsider has good intentions?

This article could go on for pages and pages! But, you probably get the point already?

Are the SNP worth a vote just for their belief in Independence?

Perhaps the Yes camp should find ways to make the UK work for them. Because an independent future under so called "civic nationalism" looks gloomy!

Mitch William...


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