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  • Mitch William

Welcoming President Trump?

The baby balloon antagonist referred to Donald Trump as a "tyrant". Where was he and his merry followers when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was in London?

The real regime with terrible human rights abuses. Which is totally incompatible with British Values and Western Culture!

So, no Balloon for the real deal oppressors?

You can't call the US President who managed to set up a summit with the North Korean leadership a "Tyrant", he's quite the opposite of a "Tyrant" actually.

He has demonstrated his will to avoid war!

At the same time making it abundantly clear he is willing to use force as a last resort!

The Balloon demonstrations are a National Embarrassment!

The Donald, is part Scottish and wildly Pro-British, he is an invaluable ally. Always has been and hopefully always will be! Fair enough, he has said some daft things in the past. But, tell me, who hasn't?

People label him as a misogynist and a racist. The only real misogynists I've ever met in my life are a very limited number of gay men, that for some reason have a distaste for female abilities. The Trump is not a misogynist because he said something inappropriate years ago.

Misogyny, is more or less a deep contempt for woman. Trump is just sure of himself whom ever he comes across.

I just checked my bank balance, yeah... of course he is going to be sure of himself. If he wasn't, he'd be a crap leader and would fit well into Westminster.

He is a Business man turned Politician. He speaks his mind. He say's it as he see's it... At long last an honest Politician has arisen. Albeit, he perhaps says things the wrong way sometimes and is misrepresented in the press constantly.

He doesn't' fit their Weak Willed Luny Lefty Ideologies!

He stated that he thought "Brexit was down to immigration".... which in a huge part it was. He also said that we'll have "problems" in the future due to immigration. This doesn't make him a racist, it makes him observant.

Recent studies have suggested by 2050 the UK will be home to 13million Muslims. The Government has a manageable present day extremist threat. But, imagine 13million Muslims living in the UK?

Even if the extremism was secluded to a tiny minority, those numbers are huge and could lead to civil unrest and potential extremist political power!

The UK could face a severe cultural change!

Perhaps, we should be taking a leaf from the Trump book on immigration?

And then there is the trade deal, with the UK heading to Colony status of the European Union (as I have warned before) it looks increasingly likely that a deal with the USA maybe out of reach.

The Trump thinks it isn't REAL BREXIT, along with Davis and Johnson...

So what is it?

A waste of time with the May Deal? At least a No Deal scenario would have set the UK free on a fresh start. But, our leaders are weak and are about to scupper the chance of a lifetime... or are they? Watch this SPACE!!!

Mitch William...


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