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  • Mitch William

We need more TRUMP!!!

As everyone is probably aware, there are growing tensions between the USA and Iran. Some Oil Tankers were targeted and Iran shot down a US drone.

Iran also had another US plane in its sights. However, this Plane had a crew. But, Iran done the right thing and allowed it to continue its flight safely.

In response to the downed Drone, Trump was advised on retaliatory measures, these measures included the bombing of 3 Iranian sites.

Everything was in place, the ships were a go and the jets were airborne and then this happened:

The President of the United States of America stood the troops down and offered talks with no pre-conditions in an attempt to avoid war!

I'm sure most people can remember how the Iraq war came to fruition and how it's still ongoing as is Afghanistan.

Donald Trump, saved 150 lives last night, he could have started a new war! But, he didn't, Donald Trump is a LEGEND!

On the other hand, the media are trying to mask his actions as some sort of failure, the media were at no risk and would be at no risk if there was a war, so the media can shut the f%$k up!

Well done Trump, well done, you deserve a medal!

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