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  • Mitch William

We need a NEW Parliament

Johnson‘s DEAL, still keeps us under the wrath of the EU. The only reason he got a DEAL was because the EU allowed him to.

It‘s ultimately a bad deal! Hence, Parliament have almost accepted it.

At the end of the day, when we leave the EU, the UK should not be subordinate to any function of the EU. The Johnson DEAL, does not deliver that.

Parliament have kicked the can to another extension. 3 months, again. This is a REMAIN Parliament who think they are above the will of the PEOPLE.

The People must be GIVEN the chance to show Parliament who‘a actually in charge, we need a GENERAL ELECTION.

But, we also need to think really hard about who we vote for, the 2 party system is broken, the UK needs a CHANGE.

Only we, the people, can make that change through the ballot box. When the election comes, don't waste your vote on the people who have betrayed democracy and made a mockery of our democratic rights!

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