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  • Mitch William

We Need A British Guantanamo!

Making a mistake at 15, is stealing from Boots. Its drinking down the local park. Its borrowing something from a sibling without their permission!

Its not joining a Genocidal Medieval War Machine!

Begum has given Birth. I don't care, do you? Apparently, the baby is named after a genocidal Islamic warlord of the past. Comforting!

This little terror brat thinks the British people should have sympathy for her. ISIS got her excited, she's clearly evil and deserves to fester in the desert!

She doesn't regret her actions, she thinks the Manchester terror attacks were justified and people are actually debating her return?

She only wants to come back, because ISIS lost the war, that's unacceptable!

There are 20 thousand people on the UK terror watch list!

The UK needs to grow a backbone, the UK needs a Guantanamo Bay. We're surrounded with small islands, we need a detention centre on one of them!

We need to take people out of society, if they're a threat to that society! We need a change in the law, so detention can be swift and efficient!

20 thousand people is to much. Bringing Begum back, only compliments that number!

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