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  • Mitch William

We Don't Need Another War

The US drone strike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, has caused outrage across the Middle East and the wider world.

The last time the US assassinated a Government official was 1940.

Iran is promising, not threatening, revenge. In response the Iraqi parliament voted to oust US troops from Iraqi soil. However, the US says "there are no plans to withdraw". If the US and NATO do not leave Iraq, this could only be construed as an illegal occupation.

The so called good guys always have an ulterior motive, and are often not as good as we would like to think! That said, if the upper hand was shifted, would the same just occur in reverse?

The US and it's allies have been engaged in middle eastern conflict's since 2003. It's beginning to look like a live training ground. Perhaps, it's time to try and heal the divisions of the past, rather than further fracturing a region beyond recognition.

An Iranian conflict would spiral far and wide as a proxy with the potential to escalate, do the Iranian people deserve this? I don't think they do!

In a one on one war, the odd's are stacked against Iran. Imagine Tyson Fury starting a fight with a Bunny Rabbit. Would that amount to bullying?


To further understand what is happening and why. We need to go back to 1908!

Credit: valuetainment


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