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  • Mitch William

War Declared on Labour!

Being in my mid 30's and from a Labour held old mining town. I've heard the same guff from the same people for years and years. As far as I'm concerned, Labour take the working class for granted and this must be challenged!

The Brexit Party has brought that CHALLENGE!

But, can they convince the tribal voters it's time for a change? Its "no longer about left and right, it's about remain and leave"

All we have to do, is give them a chance. I'd rather give them enough rope to hang themselves with, than shoot myself in the foot with a wasted vote!

Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party have "put country before party" and stood down 317 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in seats that the Conservatives won in 2017.

Not for love of the Johnson Government. But, a tactical decision that can best serve BREXIT and DEMOCRACY!

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