• Mitch William

Voting Scandal

Meanwhile, in Scotland if you're a foreign citizen aged 16 or over, by registering to vote you can now take part in Scottish elections.

This is a horrendous reality!!!

No offence to the hard working foreign nationals residing in Scotland. But, foreign nationals they are. They can go home as and when they please, or continue their travels some where new.

Why should they have the right to decide the future of a country, they may or may not live in long-term?

Is this a desperate attempt to import support in the shape of refugee's and asylum seekers?

I think it's a direct insult to the Scottish people, the Scottish people were never asked if this was ok.

The worrying thing is, there seem's to be little to no opposition.

If a foreign national has been resident in Scotland or the UK for 10 years and has a British passport, then yes, by all means they should be allowed to vote.

But, not people whom have literally just arrived.

This new law could include refugee's and asylum seekers, people who know nothing of this country or culture.

The question is, when are the Scots going to wake up and see the SNP for what they are?

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