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  • Mitch William

Voting Age

People in Scotland, are receiving letters from their respective local authorities stating that 14 year old's are eligible to register to vote. However, they cannot vote until they're 16 in a Scottish election and 18 in a UK parliamentary election.

I fear, this may be laying the ground work to lower the voting age even further.

In Scotland, 16 year old's having the vote is ridiculous, one has to wonder, are the Nationalists brainwashing School kids in order to fulfill their aim of UK destruction?

The UK policy of 18 years old is better. But, is it still too young?

Generally speaking, 16 year old's will vote the way their parents tell them too. Meaning, certain causes will gain more support due to blind voting. The situation with 18 year old's, will be similar, if not completely mirrored.

In order to cast an informed individually thought out vote, I would suggest one would have to gain some life experience.

In the interest of democracy working effectively, we should not be lowering the voting age, but raising it. 21, is a far better age to be given the responsibility of making electoral decisions.

The older the voter, the more experience, which will equal a more informed individual choice.

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