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Vote Refugee?

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Currently Commonwealth and EU nationals resident in Scotland are eligible to vote, being resident is the only apparent requirement...Even though Scots living outside Scotland were denied the VOTE on Indy in 2014, interesting stuff?

The MeanGreens think it would be a wonderful idea to allow Refugees and Asylum Seekers the Right to VOTE in Scotland...

And this is now being considered?

A Green MSP has stated:

“It was only a few weeks ago we celebrated the 2,000th Syrian refugee to be settled here"


There should be no cause for celebration when people are continent hopping to escape war?

The Green MSP continued:

“It is only right that all those who live here and are affected by decisions made locally or nationally have a say in choosing those who make the decisions.”


Only British Citizens should be allowed to vote in elections that affect the Nation?

When there is another important vote, perhaps EUref2 or INDYref2, why should people who have just arrived in the country have a say on the future of the nation?

If foreigners voted a particular way and it all went wrong - they could simply leave us to pick up the pieces...Immigrants can and will move on!

  • EU Nationals Should Not Have The VOTE!

  • Refugees & Asylum Seekers Should NEVER Have The VOTE!

  • Only British Citizens Should Be Eligible For VOTING In UK ELECTIONS!!!

This Lefty Liberal Lunacy Is Quite Frankly Destroying Our Nations Heritage...

They do not have the right to influence major national decisions, its as if the Lunatic Left think they can STALINISE us through foreign votes?

Commonsense must prevail and be portrayed through the ballot box!

The Scottish Parliament is fast becoming a joke with such proposals with recent debates on incest etc etc...

We are conditioning our people to be weak... The rest of the world is not as rosy as one would hope...

Its time to wise up!!!

Mitch William...


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