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  • Mitch William

Vote Brexit

Latest poll for the European Elections suggest, 27% to the Brexit Party!

Voting Intentions:

  • Brexit Party 27%

  • Labour 22%

  • Tory 15%

  • Green 10%

  • Liberal Democrat 9%

  • UKIP 7%

  • Change UK 6%

The Brexit vote must be harnessed, if the Brexit Party win a majority, it will kill of the prospect of a 2nd vote (hopefully) and set the tone for a tougher real deal BREXIT!

UKIP are dwindling and losing ground by the day!

The UK, needs a strong unified voice representing it in Brussels. Only The Brexit Party can deliver that!

The EU election, is the warm up for EUref2 #VoteBrexit2KillItOff

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