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Visit Benidorm

What was once a small fishing village in the province of Alicante is now a lively holiday destination. Due to its sandy beaches, endless bars, palm-lined esplanade and rows upon rows of skyscrapers, which result in an amazing sky line. 

Benidorm, a city in Eastern Spain in which the British have been made to believe is full of overly loud families, arguing over whose turn it is to collect the next round of drinks (got to make the most of that All Inclusive Package!) or binge drinking stags, stumbling back to their hotel after a long night on the strip.

You need to watch Benidorm, the TV programme to understand what I'm talking about. 


This is all a lie, yes there is a fantastic nightlife, and yes most of the hotels do offer All Inclusive Packages. But, Benidorm has so much more to offer. 

Once you take a walk back from the hustle and bustle, you can then start to appreciate the true beauty of this city and it doesn't take you very long to be lost down a winding side street in the Old Town. 

There is a distinct difference between Benidorm's Old and New Town. The Old Town is nestled in between two beaches and has a tranquil, traditional Spanish feel to it. Every side street beautifully lined with quiet little bars and restaurants, very different to the vibrant New Town filled with an endless choice of souvenir shops, entertainment venues, rowdy bars and overcrowded restaurants.


Benidorm has something for everyone. If you're like myself and you detest lying on the beach all day then there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

One of which is the stunning walk to visit the La Cruz de Benidorm, which gives you a breath taking panoramic view over the city. The walk to the cross is less than a mile from the centre, but it is uphill and steep so not advisable in flip flops (please learn from my mistake!).

If you don't fancy the walk up to the top, but are desperate for that amazing selfie opportunity, then a taxi ride is also an option, just beware you still need to clamber up the last few uneven steps at the top.


If you like to escape the chaos, then hop on a boat and visit the close by nature reserve Isla de Benidorm, the perfect way to view Benidorm's fantastic skyline. A small island only 3.5 km from the mainland which is uninhabited but well maintained with a small cafe and a short walk to the summit... Just beware of the seagulls!

And finally if you just want to sit peacefully watching the world go by, then the perfect place for you is Balcon del Mediterraneo, situated on the rocky headland in the Old Town overlooking the two main beaches of Benidorm. Its the perfect spot to relax and appreciate the beauty of what is around you. 

So if you visit Benidorm, please don't be like the TV programme, don't sit on the beach or by the pool all day.. explore deep into this beautiful city and you may get a pleasant surprise!

Jennifer Brand...


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