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If Dominic Cummings is true to his word. He and his wife were both ill and had to think of their 4 year old son. Their solution, due to a lack of childcare in London, was to drive to the family farm in Durham.

Where there is three dwellings, one occupied by Cummings parents and the other, his sister and nieces. The Nieces, were the childcare back up, if the worst came to the worst. Cummings, his wife and child took up residence in the third dwelling.

This could be perceived as an exceptional case?

I think every parent would bend over backwards for their children, and it would appear that's exactly what Cummings did... He only did what he thought was best for his child.

He's faced an array of false press reports and blatant media harassment. Not once, was it mentioned his uncle had died.

Perhaps, the British Press need to take a good look at themselves, I'm all in favour of free press and free speech. But, if they hounded me, like they hounded him, I'd get arrested!

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