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  • Mitch William

USA + CANZUK = 5 Eyes

Tony Blair hedges all his bets on the European Union. But, no one ever talks of the UK's other partnerships that are wholly more compatible, which further EU membership may have jeopardised.

Tony Blair has a good point here and what he's saying is factual. However, the UK does not need to be apart of the European Union for it's global influence to survive.

The USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand are the closest of allies:

  • The 5 Eyes: A Supra-national is intelligence alliance.

  • ABCANZ Armies: A program aimed at optimizing interoperability and standardization of training and equipment between the armies.

  • Five Eyes Air Force Interoperability Council: The organisation with a mandate to enhance coalition war fighting capability through air force interoperability.

  • AUSCANNZUKUS: The Naval Command, Control, Communications and Computers interoperability organization.

  • Border Five: An informal forum on customs and border management policy issues.

  • The Five Country Conference: Is a conference of the immigration authorities.

  • The Technical Cooperation Program: A long-standing international organisation concerned with cooperation on defence science and technology.

All of the above, are areas of cooperation between the USA, UK, Canada, Australia & new Zealand. The Armed Forces of these nations are literally tailored to fight along side each other as are the intelligence services, and all this has been developing since the 2nd world war.

I am a strong advocate of CANZUK International. However, the 5 Eyes are already 10 steps ahead. Yet, no one hears about it. The 5 Eyes collective GDP is $27,494 trillion. I'm sure that is enough to contend with any other "giant" on the world stage. To put things in to perspective, China's current GDP is $13 trillion.

The 5 Eyes could re-brand as the Global Alliance, form Foreign, Defence and Trade Policies, take a seat at NATO and the UN security council.

All that is possible, an English speaking global partnership with one voice on the world stage. The main point being, is yes Mr Blair is correct. However, he is also wrong. Because, he thinks the EU is the be all and end all of British influence.

British connections go much further than Europe and if BREXIT is carried out efficiently, the UK could actually enhance it's global influence.

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