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US Embassy #Jerusalem

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The Donald’s Administration is fully committed to the 2-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Peace is the priority?

The Administration is fully committed to forging a solution that is acceptable to both sides?

The art of the deal…of course...

The “Long Overdue” announcement is a fast track to disaster, breaking a 70-year US silence.

The United States has officially recognised Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

“Acknowledging this is a fact is a necessary condition for achieving peace”

Jerusalem was annexed from Jordan in the 1967 War and is home to major religious sites of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

“Old Challenges Demand New Approaches”

The US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem at the earliest convenience, it will be so great it will be a...“Tribute to Peace”

But for now, we must “Call for Calm”

The US is advising all non – essential travel to Israel be deferred as Hamas warns of uprising.

Palestine lays claim to East Jerusalem and views it as their Capital.

This unnecessary move will cause mayhem in region and could be deemed provocative.

“Our Children Should Inherit Our Love Not Our Conflicts”

This announcement just might have fuelled a conflict…With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, a problem born in the ashes of World War 2 however, we never seem to learn from our mistakes.


Mitch William...


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