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  • Mitch William

Ukraine: NATO Membership?

The Crimea, annexed from the Ukraine to the Russian Federation in 2014. Since then, a war between the Ukrainian State and Russian Separatists has raged in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Next month, the Royal Navy is sending 2 warships to the black sea to demonstrate support for the Ukrainian State in partnership with NATO allies.

The Russian Federation appears to be massing troops close to the border. An estimated 50.000 troops with heavy armour and the rest. Russia claims this is nothing to worry about, it's only for an "exercise" , they say.

The bridge between NATO and Russia is under threat. Whatever happens, NATO will back Ukraine and the worst case scenario is Europe experiences a Syria style war. The only way to stop an invasion (if one is planned) is to fast track Ukraine into NATO and deploy NATO forces in the countries green zones.

However, that will infuriate the Kremlin and sour relations further. But, it may avert war.

Russia belongs in the western club, the sooner leadership on both sides recognise that the benefits to that prospect far out weigh the negatives, the world will be a far safer place.

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