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  • Mitch William


The Russian Federation has over 100 thousand troops on The Ukraine's eastern border. Speculation of an imminent invasion is wide spread.

Are we on the cusp of bearing witness to a devastating land war on European soil?

NATO must stand unified in it's resolve whilst dealing with this crisis and whilst dealing with the Russian Federation and China. A lack of western unity will spell the end for western power and influence.

NATO must form a mechanism for joint sanctions, an article 4 for trade is needed to bolster the alliance's non - combat power. Taiwan will be watching this situation closely, as will the rest of the world.

At this moment in time, this stage in history, the United States is being challenged on two fronts. And it's not looking good as their leadership is feeble. If they falter in their decision making American influence could crash, thus putting an end to western global leadership.

NATO must evolve into a full Foreign Affairs and Defence Union, it's the only way to ensure unity, coherence and survival in todays world.

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