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  • Mitch William

TURKEY: Not Fit For NATO Membership

Turkey does not support NATO membership for Sweden and Finland. Erdogan explained that the Nordic countries 'were home to many terrorist organisations'.

I have never supported Turkey in NATO. I do not trust it's leadership or it's motivations. Turkey bought Russian made anti - aircraft systems that were designed to down F35's. Which subsequently led to them being booted out the F35 programme.

They also tested the systems against US built Fighters.

Now, Erdogan has the cheek to express his unwillingness to support Swedish and Finnish accession to NATO. The Swedes and Finns are more than welcome in NATO. The stumbling block that is Turkey should be removed.

The Turks actively fought the Kurds when they were our allies. The pressured Greece over the migrant crisis and occupy Cyprus. Are they really our friends and allies, or just opportunists playing both sides as it suits them?

I would rather see Turkey expelled from NATO, than lose the opportunity of gaining Sweden and Finland.

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