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  • Mitch William

Trump & The Diplomatic Downgrade

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Donald Trump downgraded EU Diplomatic Status to that of "International Organisation"...

The UK, France, Germany and many more EU countries already have embassies in the USA. Why would America want to speak to a One Fits All Un-Elected Eurocrat?

They have plenty of opportunity to speak to the individual nation directly!

The EU is not a nation state, its a Supranational Organisation. Therefore, Trumps downgrade is actually in order with what we are told the EU actually is.

We know the EU thinks its bigger than the Nation State and the Eurocrats are trying to evolve it into their Dream Superstate!

Most of them live in the bubble where the EU reigns supreme over ALL! Well, now they've been slapped into place by The Donald!


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