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  • Mitch William

Trump Loves Britain

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Donald Trump the half Scottish Leader of the Free World…

A fairly erratic character through social media and perhaps, even in person. He appears to say exactly what he's thinking and deals with the back lash later.

Perhaps the Free World needs Donald Trump, he certainly never attended the Politically Correct Club... The Free World needs a Leader who says it... as he see's it?

Before we all start shouting about him and calling him an “idiot” let’s all check our bank statements…

Ah uh, if he’s that dumb, whys he got all the cash?

The UK is facing BREXIT whether you like it or not…We need a powerful ally and that ally is the USA and the USA is Donald Trump!

Post War Politicians in this country need a lesson on modern history, they act all snooty nosed and appear to be taking the moral high ground against Trumps rhetoric comparing him to "ISIS" and making statements saying he "is not welcome in the UK".

Who do they think they are?

Roughly 70% of NATO military might comes from the USA - and NATO has 28 members!

The USA has guaranteed European territorial integrity since WW2…

These blethering wrecks that we call elected representatives must climb down off their high horse's with immediate effect and take heed that the Trump is our best pal in BREXIT!

If the lefty fairy cakes don't agree with his views they should engage in discussion with him rather than blasting him, the latter option only creates animosity!

Trump met Prime Minister May in Davos and said:

“We love your country”

“We are very much joined at the hip when it comes to military”

And here is the Trump Card….

“There’s nothing that would happen to you (UK) that we won’t be there to fight for you, you know that”

Trump is half Scottish…HE LOVES THE UK and he wants us to make a success of BREXIT! We should celebrate his Scottish heritage and welcome him on a state visit immediately!

Perhaps he has more British heritage than most of his UK critics?

His heritage gives him a right to come here, our Blethering Post War Politicians need to wise up and wise up FAST! They could push him too far and he could simply turn his back on us. This cannot be allowed to happen...

We will need the USA and Donald Trump sooner than one would imagine!


Mitch William...


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