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  • Mitch William

Treason May

Theresa The Appeaser, Betrayer of British Democracy! Even Barnier isn't interested in her soft BREXIT bespoke customs approach!

Farage might be back and Gary Lineker joins the protest for a 2nd referendum!

And Owen Jones might cry? #SCORE

But, Doe's anybody actually know whats happening?

The Appeaser is currently undermining the European Commission by touring European heads of state begging for support to her sell out plan!

Undermining the Commission is probably the boldest move yet. In my view it should be the European Council negotiating the terms of an exit deal. Not the Commission. Because, it's one of the problems and a reason people voted LEAVE! #TakeBackControl

We're still waiting for the Boris Action Plan. Will he take down the Government and steer us to a NO DEAL?

At this point in time, NO DEAL looks like a decent idea, a fresh start, a new beginning! However, I think the Government lack the minerals required for tough statesmanship. #WhatsThePlanBoris

I sense a 2nd referendum on the horizon...

Apparently its not happening, just like that General Election that wasn't happening! Something needs to happen or at this rate we'll be a colony of the EU!

It's sad that the Political Class are so incompetent and deceitful. The UK needs a new breed of Westminster, the days of the Tory/Labour gravy train must end!

Mitch William...


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