• Mitch William

Trans vs Women

Transwoman are transwoman - men or boys, who have gone through a medical procedure in order to make their physical appearance female. They may look like women (some look better than others of course). But, we have to remember, that they're not biological women.

Women are women - girls born as girls, who have a womb and ovaries, physical biology defines a woman, not a psychological state!

We have to be honest with reality, transwomen are not women, they're transwomen, perhaps a third gender?

Transwomen should NOT be competing against women in sport. Rugby, Boxing anything... It should not be allowed to happen. If transwomen are offended by this, then tough!

We can't allow women's sport to be ruined and taken over!

I have nothing against trans people. But, they're trans and they need to stick to that identity. Sporting events should have a third hybrid category. This way, we'd avoid a huge debacle in women's sport.

It seem's like an easy fix!

Do you ever wonder why nobody worries about trans men participating in male sports, the reason is, that the men run rings around the trans men!

We must save WOMEN'S SPORT - before this get's out of hand and goes' too far, enough is enough!

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