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Trans Mania!

Some people, not mentioning any names (Maybe a Labour Leadership Candidate?), seem to think Trans Woman are actually Women and Trans Men are actually Men.

Personally, I think Transsexuals are Transsexuals and that's what they should be called and that's how we should view them.

They should be treated, as anyone else would expect to be treated, with respect and dignity. However, they shouldn't be treated equal to the gender they choose. Meaning, there needs to be separate toilets for transgender people and there should be transgender only sports competitions.

Transsexuals, can't be given special treatment and full rights of the gender they desire. Because, at the end of the day, they have a designer sex, it's physically manufactured.

Whether we like it or not, the average man is stronger than the average woman, it's a fact!

Therefore, Megan Youngren, a US Athlete, should not be trialling for the Women's Olympic Team. In my view, this is cheating, or at least trying to cheat, if Transsexuals want to compete at the Olympics, which they're more than welcome to do, there should be a Transsexual Only Division for Competition. I would say that's fair?

In regards to the toilet situation, do you want your daughter, wife or sister to have to deal with the Rocky Horror Picture Show in public toilets?

Most women that I know, are not in favour of Transsexuals sharing the same toilet or changing area. This leads us to a problem. The solution could be to legislate for Transsexual Only Facilities. So, in the future we could have, Male, Female and Trans facilities?

Until such a time arrives, I think Trans people should have to use the disabled toilets, in order to avoid any undue psychological stress to Women and Children.

There's huge problems with the sharing of toilet facilities, here is one of many examples:

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