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Traitors? #Russia

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Alexander Litvinenko, Death by Polonium-210!

and now...

Sergei Skripal in a critical condition after a Nerve Agent Attack!

It is believed the FSB (Former KGB) have a dedicated unit to hunting down and eliminating Russian Traitors Abroad...

But, can we be certain of the true perpetrators?

A turn coat cannot be trusted, EVER! Therefor a long list of enemies may emerge?

The Russian people appear to be comfortable with the idea of traitors being assassinated abroad where as, on the other hand we British people seem to find it absolutely abhorrent, perhaps this is the media effect?

At the end of the day, this man... Skripal, betrayed his people to a foreign power and was imprisoned for treason until his release in 2010 due to a "Spy Swap".

Skripal was a Colonel in the GRU, Russian Military Intelligence.

He was a far greater adversary to the Russians than Litvenenko ever was and his knowledge would've been invaluable to the West, even today.

Was he still working with Mi5 and Mi6?

Should treason be punishable by death?

Betraying your people to a foreign power and putting the nations territorial integrity at risk should hold the highest degree of punishment!

Traitors should expect to be killed, irrespective of what flag they served under, loyalty to ones nation is imperative and non negotiable!

Disloyalty should be unthinkable!


Perhaps, we can avoid this mayhem in the future by reaching out and acknowledging The Russian Federation is not the 21st Century Enemy and has the potential to be an indispensable ally to the West.

Russia is not perfect but nor is the West, the two parties should engage in meaningful dialogue learning and respecting each others differences with the view of enhancing relations piece by piece while working toward a NATO-Russia Partnership?


However, who ever executed this mission, please be more careful next time, innocent civilians are not the enemy!

Mitch William...


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