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  • Mitch William

Time to get DRASTIC on Covid!

The new three tier system for England is coming into place. Scotland, also has strict regional based rules. The question is, when is this all going to end? It would seem, there is no light at the end of the tunnel as yet!

Over in the USA, a man has tested positive a 2nd time, and the infection appears to be stronger than the first. Thus, dispelling the myth of immunity after initial infection.

Yet, another vaccine trial has been paused due to an unexplained illness. On the other hand, the Russians boast that they have developed a vaccine based off the back of years of common cold research. Why we're shunning this, is beyond me!

A step in the right direction, would be to ban international travel in and out of the UK concurrent to a total national lockdown for 3 weeks. When the lockdown is lifted, there should be a travel ban on selected nations and everyone coming into the UK should be isolated at a Government controlled facility for up to 16 days.

We'll continue to chase our tales, unless drastic measures are taken, it's time to man up or face the consequences!

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