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  • Mitch William

Three Lessons

An Independent Scotland, would be on it's knees at this point in time, with an economy based on oil revenues and a made up currency.

Thankfully, the UK economy doesn't rely on the natural resources of the North Sea to survive.

The UK Government is driving us through this crisis, and the phrase "Better Together" has a much more powerful and imposing meaning. Much to the detriment of the SNP and their constant undermining of Westminster.

So far, COVID-19 has taught us:

  • That China can't be trusted and should be approached with extreme caution at all times.

  • The European Union, is utterly pointless and can't act efficiently in a crisis and becomes a burden to its member states...

  • And the biggest lesson of all, is a reminder that the British Isles, works best as a United Kingdom!!!

The saga of the neverendum and the peoples vote should be consigned to history. The United Kingdom on a path of unity, can and will prosper in a post covid world!

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