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  • Mitch William

This is why #AllLivesMatter

#BlackLivesMatter are divisive and far-left. They're using anti-racism to further a Marxist agenda. In my opinion, that's a scandal!

Racism is not a white disease, its a global pandemic...

2004, Kriss Donaldson, kidnapped and brutally killed in a racially motivated attack!

1993, Stephen Lawrence was killed at a bus stop in a racially motivated attack.


In order to beat racism and prejudice once and for all, we must accept it comes from every direction and begin with education. We must avoid divisive negativity and focus upon inspiration!

#BlackLivesMatter is a divisive scam and seeks domination, rather than already existent equality. This group aim's to undermine and tarnish the progress of Modern British Society.

It's easy for minorities in a white majority country to pull the race card, and that's actually part of the problem. It then puts white people under pressure, which can lead to unnecessary racial tension.

Recognising that #AllLivesMatter and ending identity politics, is the only way to secure a one nation vision for the future regardless of race and heritage.

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