• Mitch William

This is belonging?

Troops are now facing disciplinary action for mocking the... "this is belonging" recruitment campaign! Do you blame them?

They're Soldiers, not a University debating club!

The Army already has retention problems. If they start punishing troops for having a laugh, we'll be left with no Army or even worse, a lefty progressive safe place, I need a hug Army!

The troops must be embarrassed watching these ad's!

This £1.6m advertising campaign provides no inspiration for the would be steely eyed dealers of death, which is who the Army needs! The average working class person who seeks adventure and want's to have a go at life in the fast lane will be cringing at "THIS IS BELONGING" they want "BE THE BEST"!

The country needs fighters, not fairies in need of a hug!

However, the way things are going with the drop in standards to accommodate female fitness is a laugh in a half. Standards are there to be met, the enemy will be rubbing their hands waiting for the The British Army of the future!

We don't want the 5th fairy brigade. We need the old school!

You can either have an Army that reflects society or you can have one that can FIGHT?

Mitch William...

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