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  • Mitch William

Third World Imports

Germany‘s Merkel invited an Invasion of middle eastern Muslim men in to Europe. The result, a rise in violent crime and sexual assaults!

When the German people stood up as concerned citizens. Protesting the influx of savagery, they were branded far right extremists!

The political class are clearly disengaged. Living in their bubble. Unaffected by the carnage! (For now...)

Recently, a woman and her child were savagely murdered at a German train station. Her crime? Shaming her Afghan partner!

A culture clash is upon us. Our norms and values are being challenged by the barbaric! Europe needs to grow up and understand not all cultures are compatible under a single banner!

Multiculturism is a false failed concept... But, can we learn from the past or are we too far gone?

Mitch William...

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