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  • Mitch William

They Think Its All Over?

Last night MP's voted on 8 different BREXIT options. They failed to reach a consensus on any of them!

Now, Prime Minister Mayhem's DEAL is to be brought back for a third attempt. Only the withdrawal agreement, minus the political declaration that goes with it.

So, no real change... The Back Stop is still included. However, the vote is allowed to take place, due to it being different, in the sense that the future relationship part has been dropped!

They've dropped the wrong part, it's the Back Stop that MUST GO!

The DUP won't support this, Labour and the SNP won't support this... If it does pass (unlikely) we will leave the EU on the 22nd of May as a COLONY!

If it fails, we leave the EU on the 12th of April with NO DEAL!

That won't happen... MP's are voting us to a manufactured false crisis in order to get their way of a 2nd Referendum. Even though, that failed last night through the indicative voting process!

They need to create a perceived catastrophe first, before they can justify the final push!

If I were a betting man, I'd bet BREXIT won't happen soon and the real struggle has yet to come!

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