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  • Mitch William

The Winter of Civil Unrest

Energy giants are making record profits whilst most families across the UK are struggling and bracing for even more crippling price hikes.

BP seen its biggest profit in 14 years and Shell Boss warns the crisis will last more than one winter and we may see rationing.

What can we do? Probably not a lot.

However, if the new UK Government stands idle or proposes feeble measures. I'm sure we will see civil disorder like not before. Anything less than an Energy Bill Freeze from here on in, in my view is unacceptable.

What happens when people are in financial disarray? The working and middle classes will be hit hardest. Crime will skyrocket, people will face losing everything they've worked for, through no fault of their own.

If bold action is not taken in the way of legislation. I fear, that we are in for a winter of unrest. If that starts, where does it stop?

FREEZE ENERGY BILLS NOW! (Before its too late). We need a fair society!


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