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  • Mitch William

The White Poppy

The white poppy is a pacifist symbol that recognises all victims of war!

The Peace Pledge Union manufactures, promotes and distributes the white poppy. Money raised at the National level of the organisation is spent on educational campaign work.

I think the White Poppy is robbing veterans!

There is no mention on the Peace Pledge Union's website about donating money raised to the Royal British Legion!

I think, most people are against war. But, war is a necessary evil. Even when the whole world unites, there will still be a need for a defence force.

There is no chance of dialogue with groups such as ISIS. Therefore, force is necessary to neutralise the threat.

It seems, if you buy a white poppy, you are simply funding their pacifist agenda!

Please buy a RED Poppy this year and next year and then the year after and forever!

The white poppy people don't care about our troops and would leave us defenceless in an uncertain world. Its a nice thought, a world with no armed conflict. But, its not the reality!

We all sleep well at night as rough men stand by to do violence on our behalf!

Get the Red Poppy!

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