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The Vassal State

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

The transition period has been agreed, the UK will suffer 21 months of EU rule as a non - member!

Britain, will of course be loosing all representation at every level of EU governance, which over time should be replaced with a single ambassador.

21 months, taxation without representation, free movement and all the rules and regulations the UK voted against!

The EU humm's as if the UK is in her debt, a poor attempt at projecting guilt on the British people for voting leave?

The UK, one of only 4 Net Contributors helped carry the European project financially and now the Brits are letting it drop for failure to take British concerns seriously!

However, big decisions are continuously being delayed!!!

Fishing and the Irish Border for instance, what will come of these issues throughout the 21 months of servitude?

The UK cannot become a Permanent Colony of the European Union, it must relinquish all EU rules and regulations whilst reclaiming her waters in order to save the fishing industry from collapse!

If both sides do not wish to impose a hard border in Ireland, then its easy...Don't Do It!

The British people can't take their eye of the game just yet... 21 months, a Vassal State, what next... Betrayal... 2nd Referendum?

No Taxation Without Representation!

Mitch William...


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