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  • Mitch William

The Vaccination Race

The UK has placed orders for six experimental vaccines, taking its potential stockpile to 340 million doses.

However, none of these experimental vaccines are guaranteed to work. So, the investment is a gamble and the total cost involved is still unknown.

The UK economy has entered a blistering recession with 20% of GDP being wiped away over a 3 month period, lets hope the Government has backed the right horse, because wasting millions of £££'s at a time like this, won't go down well in the polls!

On the other hand, The Russian Federation has recently registered a vaccine, shocking the world to poll position. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, boasts that his daughter has already received the treatment and is doing well.

The break through has been met with scepticism in the west. But, the Russians assure us, that it was 20 years in the making, due to their project of developing a vaccine for the common cold.

Could this lead to a break through in NATO-Russia Relations and should the UK Government consider the Russian option? #Sputnik5

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